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Even Dew est une artiste à la curiosité insatiable : de la danse orientale classique à la danse tribale en passant par le contemporain, le classique, le hip hop, les arts martiaux et le cirque, elle n’a de cesse de se former et n’a pas hésité à voyager. Diplômée en danse contemporaine et certifiée FCBD® « Sister Studio » en 2012, elle promeut l’ATS® au sein de la tribu Boïa Floréa tout en continuant d’explorer et de créer son propre style de mouvement en danse tribale contemporaine et urbaine. En 2014 elle crée le collectif éphémère United Monsters qui regroupe des artistes performeurs de divers horizons afin d’ouvrir encore davantage le champ des possibilités de ses créations chorégraphiques..

Even Dew is an incredibly curious artist : from classical bellydance to tribal dance through contemporary, classical, hip hop, martial arts and circus techniques, she never stops learning and did not hesitate to travel to study. She graduated in contemporary dance in 2013 and became an FCBD® « Sister Studio » in 2012. She promotes ATS® with the Boïa Floréa tribe while keeping exploring and creating her own style of movement in contemporary and urban tribal bellydance. In 2014 she creates the United Monsters ephemeral collective that allows artists from various backgrounds to meet and work together in unique choreographical creations.




Leï TheNight est une danseuse polyvalente qui a évolué à travers divers styles depuis son enfance: hiphop, modern jazz, danse orientale, danses du monde.

Son style dominant est le Waacking qui est une danse créée par des danseurs gays dans les années 70 dans les clubs de Los Angeles et se dansait sur de la musique disco.

Cela utilise beaucoup d’expressions glamour du visage, de l’émotion et des mouvements énergiques de bras. Elle se forme d’abord seule puis à travers les pionniers dans le monde entier.

Leï a ainsi développé il y a plusieurs années un style unique de fusion avec ce style et la danse orientale qu’elle nomme le “Belly’Waacking”

Elle a eu l’opportunité de danser à différents festivals tel que Bellyfusions à Paris, et a gagné différentes compétitions en fusion orientales tels que le festival Fantasia à Londres en 2011 et

Bellydancer Of The World à Duisburg en 2012.

Leï est aussi reconnue dans la communité hiphop en tant que danseuses de Waacking, enseignante et chorégraphe. Elle est également impliquée dans la communié Voguing à Paris et différents groupes de danse (Opium, House of la Durée).

Elle participe souvent à des battles internationaux, et a remporté un des plus populaires en Europe en 2011 en Waacking en Suisse: Geneva Unique Battle.

Elle a voyagé à travers le monde pour partager sa passion de la danse: Japon, Europe, USA, Afrique du Nord

Ses racines sont de l’Est marocain où elle se rend chaque année depuis son enfance et a pu apprendre les danses traditionnelles locales durant les mariages et événements familiaux. Elle a présenté ces danses à la catégorie Danses Traditionnelles/ Folkloriques avec son amie Esmii au contest Bellydancer Of The World 2012 qu’elles ont remporté en duo.

Elle enseigne a Paris et en stages a l’étranger.


Leï TheNight is a french complete dancer who evolved through different dances since her childhood: hiphop, modern jazz, bellydance, world dances.

One of her dominant style is the Waacking which is a dance created by gay dancers in the 70’s in Los Angeles clubs, danced on disco music and using lot of face expression, emotion and powerful arm movements. She first learnt by herself and then with pioneers all over the world.

Leï created several years ago an exclusive fusion with this style and bellydance which she called “Belly’Waacking”.

She had the opportunity to perform in several festivals like Bellyfusion Paris, and she won some fusion category competitions like Fantasia festival in London in 2011 and Bellydancer of the World in Duisburg in 2012.

Leï is also known in hiphop community as a Waacking dancer, teacher and choreographer, involved in Voguing Paris community and different dance groups too (Opium, House of la Durée). She often participates to worldwide battles. She won one of the biggest in Europe in 2010 in Waacking category in Switzerland: The Geneva Unique Battle.

She travelled all around the world to share her love of dances: Japan, Europe, USA, North Africa

Her roots are from East Morocco where she is used to go each year and learnt there traditional local dances during weddings and family events since her childhood. She presented her roots dances from East Morocco at Bellydancer of the World duet Folkloric/ Traditional category in 2012 where she got 1st price with her friend Esmii.

She is teaching in Paris and abroad for workshops



Obellix Popping Factory

Marco’s artistic name is Obelixx. He’s known and respected as a leader in the dance community in Belgium, Portugal, The Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Egypt and many more.Marco is the philanthropist of O.P.F, Obelixx Popping Factory. It’s a non-profit organization, founded in 2010.

O.P.F is well known worldwide in the dance scene due to the variety of nationalities represented with crew members in all the countries mentioned above and also in Tokio and NYC.Marco has been practicing and sharing multiple styles across the EU for close to 20 yearsHis art range from African rooted partner dancing to various “street” styles.  The diversity of clientele is reflected in the groups he currently leads and the populations he speaks to, from bellydance and afro, to hip hop.He is aligned with the best in the industry.  Through O.P.F. (Obelixx Popping Factory), The House Dance Project and Fusezotic. The organizations reflect premier time tested brands from all over the world.  Fusezotic dates back to the origins of hip hop, The House Dance Project, the largest house dance website in the world and strongest dancers in NYC, Finland, Japan and Italy. OPF is a grassroots organization that has served Belgium’s street dance scene from the ages of 10 to 50, and currently represents in all major EU based events, competitions, and performances.

O.P.F is the main organizer for events and battles such as: Prove It on the dancefloor (e.g. the first edition was so popular that it was featured in one of the most world renowned production teams: “YAK films” with more than 40k views on youtube  1:11 min)  and in 2015 there’s the premiere of his theater piece “Red Riddin Hood” featured in 2 of the biggest theaters in Antwerp. He’s also a frequently asked judge for battles.

The peoples appreciation for O.P.F already developed in a sponsorship by Stoked.

In addition, Obellycious, is making “waves” in the tribal bellydance world, exposing the future of the fusing of street dance with tribal bellydance.

Marco worked with several big names in the bellydanceworld such as Piny Orchidacae, Anasma, Bellydancer of the world Khalida.




Quand Piny danse, elle y met tout son coeur. Elle commence la danse orientale en 2000 avant de s’engager sur la voie du hip hop en 2003. En 2006, elle crée un crew hip hop féminin qu’elle baptise “ButterflieSoulflow”. C’est pendant ces années qu’elle termine avec succès son cursus universitaire en Architecture. Elle tombe sous le charme du Tribal Fusion en 2005 et commence à développer son propre style de fusion qu’elle n’a cessé de perfectionner. En 2009 elle rejoint Jukebox Project, une compagnie professionnelle de danse hip hop. En 2012 elle décroche son diplôme de danse contemporaine et fonde sa propre compagnie de danse tribale et urbaine : “Orchidaceae”. Elle a toujours cherché à travaillé avec les professeurs qu’elle

admire et continue de voyager pour se perfectionner avec eux.

Piny is a full hearted dancer. She started dancing Belly Dance in 2000 and transited to Hip Hop in 2003. In 2006 she created a female Hip Hop Dance Crew called ButterflieSoulflow. During these years she finished her degree in Architecture. She fell in love with Tribal Fusion Belly Dance in 2005 and started developing her own style and fusion since then. Since 2009 she is part of Jukebox Project, a professional Hip Hop Dance Company. In 2012 she finished her degree in Contemporary Dance. That same year she founded the Urban Tribal Belly Dance Company Orchidaceae. She has always looked for the teachers she loved and travelled to learn with them





Tjarda is a thoughtful and genuine dancer with a broad-minded curiosity towards fusing bellydance and well-known for her innovative and meaningful choreographies. Since 2005 she is the inventive force behind award-winning and charismatic troupe The Uzumé Dance Company and in 2010 she founded her second troupe The Amano Project. She has received several grants to expand her knowledge and to develop new projects. Her work is highly appreciated by renowned pioneers in the genre. Having a background in many genres of dance, ranging from modern, flamenco and tango to improvised movement and a natural creativity for fusing dance, makes Tjarda a widely recognized teacher and performer and sought after throughout Europe and the USA. She holds certifications for teaching and dance therapy and still studies continuously to broaden her education. Tjarda is currently studying at the New York Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies at Agape Centre Belgium to become a Certified Movement Analyst. Blurring lines and drawing  inspiration from even the most unlikely sources is the opening stance of all her choreographies and classes. Her work inspires many in finding their own path.

Tjarda is the producer of “Worlddance Con Fusion”, “Beyond Bellydance” and “Infusion Rendezvous”. In 2006 The Uzumé Dance Company wins the Global Open Stage Contest by RASA & Zimihc and tours several theatres in Holland and in 2007 they win first prize for Best Dance Company – Cross Over Choreography hosted by the LiteSide Festival in Holland. Tjarda receives a nomination by The National Institute of the Voluntary Arts for Most Promising Upcoming Choreographer with Exquisite Skills in 2008 and in the same year she also obtains a grant from the Performing Arts Fund NL for talented dancers to study in the US for 6 months. In 2009 she featured on Tales of Desire 2, a performance DVD produced by the Hollywood Music Center with the most influential tribal dancers of today. In the same year she created a beautiful duet with famous upright bass player Djordje Stijepovic (Fishtank Ensemble). Her 20-minute cross-over show “LIGHTS” from 2010 got supported with a grant from AFK and the LiteSide Festival for talented upcoming choreographers. Tjarda has been an honorary member of US-based troupe UNMATA for 5 years and she regularly teams up with other dancers in the business such as Samantha Emanuel, Anasma, Heather Stants, Kami Liddle and The Lady Fred.

“Tjarda, aside from being an inspiring choreographer and beautiful dancer, she has this amazing way of making everyone around her feel special. She is funny, kind and down to earth.”



Yohann Guichard

Yohann est professeur d’AcroYoga. Il a été certifié par Jason et Jenny, les fondateurs de la discipline en 2010 en Californie. Depuis, il partage l’AcroYoga à Paris, ainsi que dans divers pays d’Europe, d’Asie, et aux Etats-Unis. Yohann est également formateur en massage thaï depuis plus de 10 ans. Son enseignement est empreint de générosité, de douceur et de précision.



zoe anwar

Coming from Madrid, Zoe Anwar is one of the most respected professionals of the dance industry, as a Director, performer, and choregrapher, with an extensive and complete carrier in Dance –theater, numerous international tours and her constant research in diverse fusion styles. After obtaining her Diploma in Classical Ballet with the Royal Academy of London, and ethnic Dances, she is the Director of dance companies such as Tandava and Ahlam and the producer and choreographer of shows such as Karah, Distant Worlds and Aluaan with international tours in NY, Paris, Mexico etc… She is also an internacional « Master Instructor » in ethnic dances, Sufi whirling, bellydance and flamenco fusion.

Zoe is the founder of the production company “Vomo Dementia” that develop cultural projects of diverse formats for various institutions such as the Province of Madrid Government, the Syrian Cultural Center, the Embassies of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Yemen, the Ateneo de Madrid, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation; brands such as Ron Barcelo, J&B, Orange etc. And organizations like the Platform of Women Against Gender Violence, Zoe Anwar combines her artistic multidisciplinary experience with a strong social commitment to women’s empowerment and intercultural and gender issues.

Currently, she is the director of “Culture et Couture” a company vinculated to fashion art and culture in which she develops campaigns and runways for couture brands such as Gaultier, La Perla, Joseph Font etc. Artistic design, choreography and costume design for film and tv, and cultural and artistic events.

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