A l’issue de leur rencontre au Bellyfusions 2009, Anasma et Linda Faoro développent peu à peu une envie commune de partager leur expérience artistique et pédagogique. Une relation de confiance et de dialogue s’installe.  En 2010,  fortes d’une reconnaissance internationale pour leurs styles propres à chacune et novateurs, Anasma et Linda partent en tournée américaine de 2 mois. Leur complémentarité offre une collaboration détonante et remarquée aux USA. En 2012, Linda Faoro’s Traveling Dance School et Anasma World Citizen Dance School s’associent et lancent sur Paris une Formation du danseur en Oriental Fusion avec les cours hebdomadaires et stages réguliers.

En 2013, après 4 années de collaboration artistique, Linda Faoro et Anasma décident de fonder l’International Urban Bellydance Collective dont l’idée est d’inviter des artistes qui les touchent, venus des quatre coins du monde, pour créer des rencontres chorégraphiques exceptionnelles, des fusions orientales inspirées du monde urbain dans lequel nous vivons.

Détentrice d’un Diplôme d’Etat de professeur de danse jazz, Linda enseigne depuis 1998 dans plusieurs grandes écoles de formation professionnelle comme au Studio Harmonic, à l’A.I.D ou encore à l‘Ecole de Comédie Musicale de Paris, chorégraphie pour la télé et de nombreux spectacles événementiels, musicaux ou culturels.

Danseuse chorégraphe innovante, professeur généreuse et créative, productrice, directrice artistique, chanteuse, Anasma, “the Dancing Storyteller” enseigne l’Oriental Fusion et se produit dans le monde entier depuis 2007. Anasma est la co-directrice du Theatrical Bellydance Project, chanteuse et productrice de l’album Chance is Back, fondatrice de World Citizen Dance, et présente sur multiples DVDs et CDs.

Pour la première fois et spécialement pour le BellyFusions 2014, Anasma et Linda Faoro se joignent à LeiTheNight – spécialiste en waacking oriental – pour vous présenter une création chorégraphique exclusive “After the Echoes” ! Quels mois plus tard, elles présentent ensemble le tableau au New York Theatrical Bellydance Collective 2014.

Lors du Bellyfusions 2015, elles s’associent à Piny Orchidaceae (Lisbone) & EvenDew (Bordeaux) pour présenter “Does my sexiness offend you?”




Anasma and Linda Faoro meet in 2009 at the Bellyfusions festival. A relation of trust and dialogue build up over time and they progressively develop a mutual desire to share their artistic experience and pedagogy. Their complementarity offers an explosive collaboration.  In 2010, both being recognized internationally for their unique and innovative styles, Anasma and Linda tour together in the US. In 2012, Linda Faoro’s Traveling Dance School and Anasma World Citizen Dance School team up on a regular basis to launch a common Training for Oriental Fusion with weekly classes and week-end intensives.

After fours years of artistic collaboration, the multi-facetted dancers and choreographers  decide to co-found the International Urban Bellydance Collective in 2013. Their idea is that artist from all over the world can bring to the Collective their unique perspective on Urban Bellydance fusions during exclusive choreographic encounters.

At the Paris Bellyfusions festival 2014 and New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference 2014, Anasma and Linda Faoro team up with Lei the Night – Waacking Bellydance specialist a to present “After the Echoe”!

At the Paris Bellyfusions 2015, they team up with Piny Orchidaceae (Lisbon) and EvenDew (Bordeaux) to premiere “Does my sexiness offend you?”


Anasma is a versatile and complete artist: dancer choreographer, Oriental Fusion master teacher, Yoga Teacher, singer, song writer, artistic director and producer. Drawing from her cross-training in academic, ethnic & urban dances, acting, pantomime, yoga, martial arts…, Anasma focuses on making dance meaningful and touching through storytelling, character development, truthful emotions and aesthetic powerful movement. She is recognized by her peers for her wild creativity, great expressiveness, constant risk taking and pushing the envelope.

Seen in more than 35 countries, Anasma is featured in many performance DVDs, instructional DVDs and albums. Director of World Citizen Dance Inc and World Citizen Dance School, Anasma has been touring since 2006 in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and North Africa to teach and perform in the Oriental dance and Oriental Fusion dance festivals and intensives. In 2008, she co-founds the Theatrical Bellydance Project, which produces four large scale conferences in NYC and intensives around the world. In 2012, she teams up with Linda Faoro’s Traveling Dance School to offer regular classes and intensives in Paris and creates with Linda Faoro the International Urban Bellydance Collective. In 2013, she releases her first singing album “Chance is Back” and music video “Ocean Elevation”. In 2014, she produces and directs an hour long show « 1984…Now » featuring actors and dancers, with original soundtrack. In 2015, she obtains her RYT-200 certification as a Yoga Teacher, recognized by the Yoga Alliance in Astanga Yoga as well as a Fy Yoga teacher certification. After a year of professional dance training in Contemporary, Modern Jazz and Modern, she obtains her EAT degree in Contemporary dance. She currently performs with Dominique Lesdema dance company, the theater company Compagnia Degli Gnomi and projects with Gaelle Gillieron and Kimson. In Paris, she teaches weekly classes for yogis, dancers and corporations through Anasma World Citizen Dance School at the Fly Yoga studio, Studio Harmonic and LAX Studio.

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Linda Faoro

A versatile dancer and performer, Linda Faoro has never stopped refining her art. She has moved from dance – Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, African, Belly dance – to theater, to music and voice. Internationally renowned, she distinguishes herself through her eclectic expression. She has always believed that an artist should be the most accomplished. TV shows, events, dance companies, musicals Choreoghrapher-Performer-Instructor and Creator of Jazz New School and FaoroBellyFusion dance styles, with Linda Faoro’s Traveling Dance School, she travels the world to share her dance. Linda Faoro loves challenges, always searching for truth, identity, and excellence.

In detail…:

From an early age, Linda Faoro trained in ballet, jazz, music and acting. She passed her State Dance Diploma in jazz, and soon after started teaching and choreographing in her own style: Jazz New School. Always eager to enrich her art, she kept training in other styles – hip-hop, african dance, bellydance – to broaden her range of motion. She has made her mark with many renowned dance companies and TV shows.
In 2000, Linda Faoro created her first company the “Jazz New School company ” followed in 2003 by  the troup “Les  Muses”; a company formed as a result of Linda’s depth and maturity in bellydance.
Since 2004, she goes regularly to Lebanon to choreograph major TV shows. This allows her to express both her western and oriental sides.
In 2008, Linda Faoro created the group “L’Espèce Urbaine”(“Urbankind”) and performed “Ma Maison ne ressemble pas à celle de ma Mère…” ( “My house looks nothing like my mother’s…” ): a moving dance/drama solo in which she shares with audiences her background as a multicultural woman and artist.
In 2009, Linda Faoro took part in the 1st BellyFusions Festival in Paris, France, an occasion to meet other international artists of the Fusion scene. There she teamed up with Anasma and then in 2010 with Amy Sigil of Unmata. Both urged her to export her style to the US.

In 2011, she is proud to present her new personal concept : Linda Faoro’s Traveling Dance School which the mission is to bring Linda’s different dance techniques refined over these several years all over the world.
Resolutely different, Linda Faoro sees herself as an expression of the urban society she lives in, diverse and pluricultural.

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