SEASON 2013-2014

20130801 poster entier carte postale 2013-2014 AWCDS LFTDS low def

(Photo by Kyle Scott Ellis: <a href=””></a&gt;)


Internationally acclaimed artists of the Oriental Fusion scene, co-founders of the International Urban Bellydance Collective in 2013,  Anasma and Linda Faoro team up, for the second year in a row, in Paris, joining their forces  and mastery in performing arts and teaching.

Based on the different dance styles that allow them to create their ORIENTAL DANCE FUSIONs, Linda and Anasma propose a TRAINING PROGRAM blending Bellydance, Modern /Jazz, Hip Hop, Yoga, Salsa,  Afro, Wushu, Theater, Prop work…

For a more powerful and varied training, Anasma and Linda rotate during the Tuesday MASTER CLASSES* . They teach together, as a duet, during the WEEK-END INTENSIVES.

*Possibility to have a guest teacher some evenings.

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